Job Openings

PhD Programmes

PhD students in Physics and Statistics form an integral part of our research teams. Various funding sources and PhD scholarships exist at the various research institutes in our collaboration. For instance, the University of Auckland offers guaranteed Doctoral scholarships to high-achieving postgraduate research students.

International students can pursue a PhD at a New Zealand University at no extra fees. For detailed information see https://www.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz/study-options/phd-package/

Masters Programmes

Research within the Astrostatistics and General Relativity Group provides opportunities for MSc and Honours students to get involved. Please check the website of the research groups and individuals and get in contact regarding applications for an MSc or BSc Honours research project.


Internship students are expected to actively participate in the activities of the research group and should, therefore, indicate qualifications and interests in their application documents. Please read the instructions below and follow them to apply.

If you are interested in doing an internship, please send an email containing the following information in a single .pdf file attachment to gravity@auckland.ac.nz

  1. cover letter describing your motivation, which answers the following questions,
    • Which field of research in the “Astrostatistics and General Relativity”  are you most interested in?
    • At which date would you be able to begin your internship and for how long will you be able to stay?
    • Typically we do not offer financial support for internships. Please provide information on third party funding to cover travel and accommodation costs.
  2. your curriculum vitae (including a list of any publications, if available),
  3. an official transcript of your academic grades.