[Opportunity] Two Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions in Gravitational Wave Science

At the University of Auckland. Deadline: 12 January 2022.

The University of Auckland is looking to hire two Research Fellows (post-docs) in gravitational wave science. One position is focused on the dynamics of possible low-frequency sources (including supermassive black holes interacting with ultralight dark matter) and one is focussed on the statistical analysis of gravitational wave time-series. Both positions will be filled from the same pool of applicants.

These positions support a larger national collaboration in gravitational wave science, centred on engagement with the LISA mission. This cross-disciplinary effort engages scientists in mathematics, statistics, physics and astronomy from five universities and has strong international linkages. The project is supported by a major grant which also funds six PhD studentships to commence in 2022. These two positions are due to run for three years and are fixed-term.

We are specifically seeking applicants who can demonstrate expertise in one or more of i) numerical simulations in astrophysical or cosmological settings, ii) fundamental physics and cosmology and iii) Bayesian inference, in particular statistical methods applied to gravitational wave detectors. In particular, this is an explicitly interdisciplinary project and we are particularly keen to encourage applications from candidates whose primary academic background is in statistics.

Deadline is 12 January 2022.

Please see the following links for more information regarding these positions.