Gravity Workshop (Canterbury, 2023)

31st August

(Beatrice Tinsley 112)

9:00 AMRegistration and Welcome Coffee
(Beatrice Tinsley 111)
9:30 AMChris GordonOpening Remarks
9:35 AMJan EldridgeProblems with predicting the white dwarf binary LISA signal
9:50 AM(Petra) Nianqi TangParametric Estimate of Gravitational Wave Power Spectral Density from BPASS Galactic Binary Population in the Milky Way Galaxy
10:05 AMEmily KendallConstraints from the SGWB on ultra-light dark matter models
10:20 AMRussell BoeyRadial Motion of a Black Hole in an Ultralight Dark Matter Background
10:35 AMMatt EdwardsEfforts towards the LISA global fit
10:50 AMNazeela AimenModeling LISA noise
11:05 AMCoffee Break 
(Beatrice Tinsley 111)
11:30 AMJesse SatherleyThe Effect of General Relativity on Axion-Photon Conversion around Neutron Stars
11:45 AMIan DSouzaStellar disruption of axion miniclusters
12:00 PMZahraoui El MehdiAnalysis of Ecliptic Pulsars observed with cutting edge Low Frequency Radio observatories
12:15 PMOllie MarkwellThe Generalised Conformal Field Equations near the Cylinder at Spatial Infinity
12:30 PMMarco GaloppoChoice of reference frame and fully general relativistic models for galaxies
12:45 PMShreyas TiruvaskarComparison of Loop Quantum Cosmology and Wheeler DeWitt cosmology using a flat FLRW model.
1:00 PMLunch Break 
(Beatrice Tinsley 111)
2:00 PMAvi VajpeyiTutorial: Parallelization Techniques
3:00 PMCoffee Break 
(Beatrice Tinsley 111)
3:30 PMWillem van StratenIntroduction to Pulsar Timing Arrays
4:30 PMChris GordonClosing Remarks
Special Public Lecture: Roy Kerr – Kerr Black holes turn 60 (E8, Engineering)
Doors open at 6:30PM, Lecture begins at 7:00PM.

1st September,
Public Symposium to Celebrate 60 years of Kerr black holes

(E8, Engineering)

9:00 AMJenni AdamsOpening Remarks
9:10 AMDavid WiltshireRevolutions in the sky: Maths powers black holes, the Universe and everything
10:10 AMCoffee Break  (E8 foyer)
10:40 AMChris StevensSquishing the universe – how to best compute global properties
11:10 AMAlex Goodenbour Spinors and twistors: from past to future
11:40 AMRoy KerrClosing Remarks

List of Attendees:

  • Nazeela Aimen – University of Auckland
  • Merlyn Barrer – University of Canterbury
  • Russell Boey – University of Auckland
  • Amin Boumerdassi – University of Auckland
  • Breanna Camden – University of Canterbury
  • Ian DSouza – University of Canterbury
  • Richard Easther – University of Auckland
  • Matt Edwards – University of Auckland
  • Jan Eldridge – University of Auckland
  • Joerg Frauendiener – University of Otago
  • Marco Galoppo – University of Canterbury
  • Chris Gordon – University of Canterbury
  • Alex Goodenbour – University of Canterbury
  • Christopher Harvey-Hawes – University of Canterbury
  • Peter Hayman – University of Auckland
  • Emily Kendall – University of Auckland
  • Zachary Lane – University of Canterbury
  • Ollie Markwell – University of Canterbury
  • Patricio Maturana-Russel – Auckland University of Technology
  • Zahraoui El Mehdi – Auckland University of Technology
  • Matthew Parry – University of Otago
  • Kaushal Jaikumar Pillay – University of Otago
  • Axl Floyd Rogers – Auckland University of Technology
  • Jesse Satherley – University of Canterbury
  • Bobby Song – University of Auckland
  • Chris Stevens – University of Canterbury
  • (Petra) Nianqi Tang – University of Auckland
  • Shreyas Tiruvaskar – University of Canterbury
  • S. Vultaggio – University of Otago
  • Willem van Straten – Manly Astrophysics
  • Avi Vajpeyi – University of Auckland
  • David Wiltshire – University of Canterbury