Meeting venue: G400 (G06), Physics Department

Science III Building, 730 Cumberland St

Tuesday, August 30

7:30 Dinner (Ombrellos, 10 Clarendon St)

Wednesday, August 31

9:15 Arrival and welcome

9:30 Renate Meyer Prospects for LISA to detect a gravitational wave background from

first-order phase transitions

9:50 Petra Tang Predicting gravitational wave signals from DWD and DBH populations of

a Milky Way like galaxy for LISA

10:10 Joshua Ritchie Stable Big Bang formation in the early universe

10:30 Kate Lee Calibration of EMRI signals (TBC)

10:50-11:20 Kaputī (G400)

11:20 Jan Eldridge Finding new sources for GWs in the Milky Way

11:40 Chris Gordon Millisecond pulsars from accretion-induced collapse as the origin of

the Galactic Centre gamma-ray excess signal

12:00 Joerg Hennig Deriving the Kerr solution from a boundary value problem with soliton


12:20 Emily Kendall UltraLight Dark Matter and LISA

12:40-2:00 Lunch (G400)

2:00-2:30 Outreach session

(with Jerome Cousins, Director of the NZ International Science Festival)

2:30-4:30 Machine learning and deep learning in astrostatistics

(Matt Edwards, Kate Lee, Matthew Parry)

4:30 Concluding remarks and farewell